Astrum Coaching Limited was created by Carolyn Bassett who believes that everyone has a star inside them that with support and encouragement will shine brightly. Carolyn’s unique style of personal performance coaching will help you to unlock your inner potential and live your extraordinary life.
What is ordinary? What is extraordinary? Well here’s the great thing ... you decide!

Astrum Coaching, your Personal Performance Coach

Many athletes and business executives use a personal performance coach to empower them to improve on and enhance that which they have already accomplished.  Partnering with a powerful coach ensures you gain momentum, fast track your plan and sets you up for success.

Are you someone who wants to access what lies beyond the norm?

Are you someone who wants to play a high level game?

Are you in action to make your dreams a reality?

Are you living the life you have always wanted?

If you are ready to take things to the next level and to live an extraordinary life, then contact me today to find out how!  In a supportive environment you are guided and empowered to achieve your goals and kept accountable to your commitment.

My 6 Principles to leading an extraordinary life are:

Make the decision, take action and contact us today – book time with me to discuss how my unique style of coaching will close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be!